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We supply Cooper Helmets, Sliotars & Handmade Ash Hurleys

Shaping Ash Hurleys for over 25 years.

We manufacture Ash Hurleys for GAA players & GAA clubs throughout Ireland. Our Ash Hurley’s sometimes know as Hurls are carefully prepared and delivered by high end craftsmen. If you’re looking for the right Hurley, Hurl, GAA Helmet and or training gear! Look no further than Irish Hurley’s. 

Homemade Ash Hurleys for sale in Ireland.

History of Hurling in Ireland: A Tradition of Skill and Passion

At Irish Hurleys, we are proud to celebrate the rich history and tradition of hurling in Ireland. Hurling is more than just a sport; it’s a cultural phenomenon deeply rooted in the Irish heritage. In this section, we’ll take you on a journey through time, exploring the origins and evolution of this exhilarating game.

Origins of Hurling 

Hurling is one of the oldest field sports in the world, with its origins dating back over 2,000 years. This ancient game was played by the Celts, who used handmade ash hurleys to strike a ball known as a sliotar. These hurleys were crafted with care and expertise, a tradition that continues to this day. Irish Hurleys is dedicated to preserving the craftsmanship and authenticity of these iconic hurling sticks.

Evolution of the Game 

Throughout history, hurling has evolved and adapted to reflecwt the changing times. In the early days, players wore little to no protective gear, a stark contrast to the modern sport. Today, players don cooper helmets to ensure their safety while engaging in the fast-paced action of hurling.

The game has also been influenced by Gaelic football, another beloved Irish sport. While the two sports have their differences, they share a deep connection to Irish culture and tradition. At Irish Hurleys, we understand the importance of these connections and offer a range of high-quality Gaelic footballs alongside our signature hurleys.

The Sliotar: Heart of the Game 

At the heart of hurling lies the sliotar, the small, leather-bound ball that players strike with their hurleys. The sliotar is central to the game’s excitement and skill, and it has undergone its own transformation over the years. Our online store proudly offers a variety of sliotars, ensuring that players of all levels have access to the best equipment to hone their skills.

Join the Tradition with Irish Hurleys 

Whether you’re a seasoned hurling veteran or a newcomer to the sport, Irish Hurleys is your one-stop destination for all your hurling needs. We are committed to preserving the traditions of handmade ash hurleys, providing top-notch safety gear like cooper helmets, offering high-quality Gaelic footballs, and supplying the finest sliotars available.

As we celebrate the history of hurling in Ireland, we invite you to explore our online store and become a part of this enduring tradition. At Irish Hurleys, we’re more than just a store; we’re a gateway to the past and a bridge to the future of hurling. Join us on this incredible journey of skill, passion, and Irish pride. You can learn more about hurling by visiting this link .



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Cooper helmets for sale in Ireland.

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Gaelic footballs for sale in Ireland.

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